• daddy gift box

    Gift the dad to be in your life with the daddy box. This box is fit for the modern dad - a perfect gift to honour the awesome guy that he is. Carefully selected and intentionally placed, each product is buddhiPapa approved.

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  • newborn gift box

    Essentials for newborns, handmade with love. Learn more about what's inside the newborn buddhiBaby gift box.

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  • deluxe gift box

    Filled with a variety of must have items for both mom & baby. Learn more about what's inside the deluxe buddhiBaby gift box!

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  • classic gift box

    A modern, unique, and useful way to celebrate both mom and baby. Learn more about what's inside the classic buddhiBaby gift box!

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  • themed gift box

    A great way to discover new products. Learn more about what's inside the themed buddhiBaby gift box!

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  • bump gift box

    Pregnancy is an exciting time. Gift the mom to be in your life with this thoughtful box filled with unique, useful, beautiful and fun items for her growing belly.

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  • mama gift box

    The perfect gift for yourself or a mama in your life. Protector. Lover. Mother tank & Love Charm Bracelet will always remind you of the important job you do everyday!

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unique. useable. beautiful. fun.

buddhiBaby boxes are filled with amazing gifts for mom & baby. our box contents have been mindfully selected with items that are practical, modern, unique and fun.

welcome to buddhiBaby!

whether it is a gift box for a new mom or a gift for yourself, let us introduce you to some of our most favourite products...

about us

Welcome to buddhiBaby! We’re so excited to share this with all of you. What is buddhi? Buddhi is the female form of buddha. It speaks to the idea of trusting your intuition. What feels right? What works best for you, your family, your baby? We think that listening to your gut is pretty powerful. And we celebrate that.


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